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Garden Building Timber Specifications

  • Hutchinsons are always striving to develop their structures and refuse to compromise on the quality of the garden features by using construction timbers of a lower specification. Hence, our buildings are constructed with heavy duty 2" x 2" (45 x 45mm) framing timbers in preference to lightweight 32 x 32mm timbers.
  • Similarly, all Hutchinsons garden buildings are clad with stronger tongue and grooved boards 150mm wide, in contrast to the cheaper 125mm overlap boards that are frequently used by many other garden building constructors. The tongue and groove boards used by Hutchinsons benefit by linking along their entire length, thereby significantly improving structural strength of the building.

Standard Building Specification

Framework Ex 2" x 2" (45 x 45mm) planed timber

Cladding Ex 16 x 150mm tongue & groove shiplap

Roof Ex 16 x 150mm tongue & groove on 2" x 2" framework

Floor Ex 25 x 125mm tongue & groove on 2" x 2" bearers

Doors Tenon / mortice frame, tongue & grooved clad

Windows Tenon / mortice frame, opening / top hung as standard

Roof Cladding Felt roll, (optional upgrade available)

Building Dimensions

  • Building sizes listed in our publications are approximations of external framework measurements and are intended for identification purposes only.
  • Always remember to allow for any roof overhang if area of installation is tight.
  • In these cases please remember that we are happy to make any of our buildings to any size, to suit your site. Please do not hesitate to ring us to discuss your individual needs.

Preservative Treatments

  • All of our buildings are pressure treated with a clear preservative prior to the construction of the building.  
  • For those wanting a more traditional stained finish we offer the choice of two colours, Chestnut (Dark Brown) and Acorn (Light Golden Brown).  These oil based preservatives are applied to the outside surface of the garden buildings as directed by our clients.
  • Some customers prefer a painted finish and for this we recommend and use Cuprinol Heritage Shades Preservative.
  • It is advisable that on-going annual treatments continue to be applied to ensure the buildings' long term protection.

Base Preparation

  • As with any structure it is important to provide a firm, level base, without which your building will be unstable and rapidly deteriorate.
  • Base preparation need not be elaborate, with two simple alternative methods frequently used:

Timber Bearers

4"x 4" timber bearers laid across the line of a building's floor joists are laid at 300mm spacings on ground stripped of any grass and vegetation.

By using a spirit level you will ensure that each bearer runs level to its neighbour.

Slab / Concrete Pad

Providing the proposed site is not subject to regular flooding, the building can be stood directly onto a level area of flagstones or screeded concrete. 

The Hutchinsons team of landscapers are happy to quote for a base installation if required.


  • Erecting your own building is not difficult given reasonable DIY skills, a few basic tools and a helpful spare pair of hands. 
  • When Hutchinsons are asked to erect a building on a client's behalf, it remains the client's responsibility to ensure suitable access and a firm, level base (as described earlier) prior to delivery, unless this work has been contracted to the Hutchinsons team.

Product Development

  • It is Hutchinsons policy to constantly seek to improve product design / quality and customer service. Hence, we reserve the right to alter the specification of any building without notice provided that the basic character of the building is not affected.
  • The photographs in this web site are indicative of the buildings at the time of printing. In accordance with our policy of continuing improvement, these images may vary slightly from the current specification.